Eastern Tribleys | Archive | April 2016

Total matches for April 2016: 173

01 Heading into the grounds of the Mount of the Beatitudes
01 On the bus and ready to go!
01 Red pepper trees. (I guess I never knew peppers grew on a tree! )
02 Entry to the ruins at Megiddo
02 John teaching on Matthew 5-7
02 Lunch stop at a falafel restaurant
03 Mediggo town model
03 More lunch
03 Surrounding gardens
04 A view toward the Sea of Galilee
04 Schnitzel is a buck extra but you get one falafel!
04 The different levels of the ruins point to Megiddo's long history, as well as its strategic importance
05 This section is from the Caananite period, predating the Israelite conquest
05 Up close and personal
06 Outside the restaurant
06 View from the top of the tell- the valley where the battle of Armageddon will take place
07 On Mt Carmel, Carmelite monastery

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